Why Berserk?

The nickname “Berserk” has been given him after another weekend of heavy drinking and partying many, many years ago, as they say, “Because of his behaviour”, and also because he is in a straight line a descendant of the Vikings. ‘Going Berserk’, wonder what it means? Look it up in your dictionary!  

Why Madness Photography?

A company name had to be thought of, and since his race team was named Midnight Madness; a line of a song from hard rock band Judas Priest, proved to be very appropriate, because having two jobs at the time to pay for the racing, and working on the race bike at night to have it ready for the next race, was indeed ‘Madness’, especially at (and many nights long after…) Midnight…; so the name Madness Photography was a logic continuation in the ‘Madness’ of his life!

A big THANX! to Harley-Davidson, De Leertent Amsterdam, XtremeWear - Sartso Kevlar Killer Jeans, Jofama, Arai Helmets and HOCO Parts for their support and help!